Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Polenta Paradox...

Ok, so last week was a bit of a fiasco.  I tried my hand at making Polenta, and lets just say....that will never happen again!  IT WAS DISGUSTING!  I pity my family for having to choke down the stuff!  But they were so kind and said they didnt mind it - although it wasn't their favorite.  The little dude gobbled it up with his chili and the hubs ate it.  Somewhat slowly, mind you, but he seemed to enjoy it.  I, on the other hand, was completely disgusted with the stuff!  BLECH!

The burgers turned out fantastic!  It was a bistro style burger, thus meaning you needed to eat it with a knife and fork.  After plating supper and placing the hub's burger in front of him he looked at it, looked at me and said 'I'm supposed to eat this how?  With a knife and fork?  And what are these purple things?'.  I replied 'Yes babe, with a knife and fork, and those are beets.'.  He took that as a challenge to eat said burger the old fashioned way and proceeded to sandwich the monstrosity together and eat it.  How successful he was remains to be seen, but considering 2/3 of the burger burst out the other end of the bun on his first bite, I'll safely say he wasn't all that successful at his attempt.

The vegetarian meal this week - Asparagus Tagliatelle - was full of flavour and nice and light.  A perfect summer pasta meal.  It was equally as good cold, a bit of a pasta salad feel to it.

And another dud in the slow cooker.  Why does everything turn to mush in that dang thing!?  Thats it.  I'm pressing pause on the slow cooker this week...

(mainly because I'm going on holidays and  won't be around Friday...phew!)

This week has been an interesting one in the kitchen so far.  We celebrated mothers day with my MIL on Saturday and my sisters birthday party on Sunday.  Both events involved Italian restaurants and copious amounts of pasta and ice cream were consumed.  I don't think I've ever had that much left over food in my fridge at one time WITHOUT ordering Chinese take out!  Like I told my mom on Sunday 'You know that line where you've eaten enough to be satisfied.   Not that full feeling, but that just pleasantly satisfied feeling.  Well,  I am soooooo far past that line right now - I'm pretty sure I'm coming back around to the line!'.  So needless to say there was no meal cooked yesterday, we just ate whatever was leftover in the fridge.

Like I said I'm going on a bit of a holiday this weekend, so the meal plan has been abbreviated this week.  On the list:

Grilled Moroccan Turkey Burgers (making these tonight!  Can't wait!)
Summer Corn Fettucini

(I'll post pics of the bistro burger later on as the pictures are on my camera at home... ;)  )

Get out there and enjoy the weather!  Happy cooking!

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