Tuesday, 1 January 2013

31 Day Paleo Challenge - Day 1

Tore it UP in the kitchen today.  I feel as though I've spent the entire day cooking, stirring, baking and mixing.  If you're not into cooking things from scratch, then the Paleo diet probably isn't for you. Thankfully my kitchen is one of my 'happy places' (Banff/Canmore and Siesta Key Beach being a few others).  Here's the rundown of what was created and consumed today:

Breakfast:  Egg, bacon and black coffee (simple)
Lunch:  Tuna 'Tacos'  (tuna in a lettuce leaf topped with cucumbers and tomatoes).  
Dessert:  Paleo Energy Bars (from the cookbook '500 Paleo Recipes' from Dana Carpender)
Mid afternoon:  Steeped green tea
Supper:  Crockpot rotisserie chicken (recipe courtesy of Heidi Dean), green salad, sweet potato chips (sweet potato slices tossed in coconut oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper.  baked in the oven). 

The challenge truly comes tomorrow.  At work we've got something we call 'Soup Club'.  Every Wednesday throughout the winter one person is designated to bring soup for the members of our soup club.  Well tomorrow is my day and seeing as though I'm on the paleo challenge, guess what they're getting?  Yep, paleo soup!  I found a recipe in my cookbook for a paleo Mulligatawny.  Currently its simmering on my stove right now, and if it tastes half as good as it smells.....ooooooh boy!  Even the hubs commented on how good it smelled (and he doesn't like different spices!  lol!).  

Sidenote:  when I went grocery shopping yesterday I thought my bill was going to be through the roof because of all the stuff I needed to start this paleo journey.  I had to buy coconut flour ($5.99 for a small bag), but that was nothing compared to the almond meal/flour I needed to purchase for the energy bars....$15.99 for 453 grams!  But I had made my list and stuck to it.  While I was at the checkout, dreading the impending number I was pleasantly surprised when she told me my total.  When I subtracted the fact I bought a pair of jeans for the wee one, a few Christmas items that were 75% off AND a basic food processor, my bill came to pretty much the same as I would've spent any other week!  

So yep, I guess today went pretty well.  On to tomorrow!

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