Thursday, 3 January 2013

31 Day Paleo Challenge - Days 2 & 3

Day 2
Brekkie:  Paleo Energy Bar, coffee
Lunch:  Mulligatawny
Snack:  green tea (steeped)
Supper:  Salad, avocado, paleo energy bar

Day 3
Brekkie:  Paleo energy bar, coffee
Lunch:  smoothie & carrots
Snack:  green tea (steeped), carrots
Supper:  grilled flank steak, steamed broccoli, salad
Dessert:  sliced apple dipped in almond butter

So far we've been doing pretty good.  My husband asked me tonight if I noticed any difference.  I think my skin is brighter and clearer and I'm noticing a bit more energy.  When I asked him he said besides his back pain subsiding (which is apparently common when you cut the wheat) the only other thing he's noticed is that he's hungry.  LOL!  He's also used to taking cookies to work every day (somewhat healthy ones that I would make from scratch), so we decided to find a recipe online for paleo cookies. is the site we came across!  We made the chocolate maple cookies and they are awesome!

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