Sunday, 6 January 2013

31 Day Paleo Challenge - Days 4, 5, 6

Day 4:
Brekkie:  Grapefruit & coffee
Lunch:  2 apples dipped in almond butter
Snack:  Green tea and carrots
Supper:  Naked burgers (no bun), sweet potatoes and salad

Day 5:
Brekkie:  Eggs, bacon and coffee
Lunch:  Tuna, salad and avocado
Snack:  1/4 c mixed nuts
Supper:  Steak, steamed broccoli, sweet potatoes, salad
Dessert:  apples and berries

Day 6:
Brekkie:  Scrambled eggs and coffee
Lunch:  Greek salad (no cheese, no creamy dressing) grilled chicken breast
Snack:  handful of mixed nuts and green tea
Supper:  coconut crusted chicken fingers and veggies

Yesterday was a bit of a sad day around here.  We were looking forward to spending some final time with the hubs bro before he had to go back home, but the brosky came down with that nasty stomach bug!  So no KEG for us last night.  To make up for it, I searched online for ways that restaurants cook their steaks and I think ours turned out pretty good at home.  Not as good as someone else doing it for you, but still pretty good!

Today (day 6) was a true test.  Our church is currently holding its Sunday gatherings in a movie theatre attached to the mall.  We had some running around to do afterwards in that area of the city so going home for supper was not happening.  It was our first time eating out while on the paleo challenge and I think we did pretty good.  Before we left the house we asessed what restaurants were in the food court and came to the conclusion that the greek place was probably the safest to eat at.  I ordered us 2 greek salads with grilled chicken, no feta cheese and no creamy dressing.  They were able to dress the salads with an oil and vinegar dressing and it was delicious!

With the hubs getting ready for the week ahead at work, I'm currently standing in our kitchen getting things ready to make another batch of 's chocolate maple cookies.  I'm thinking of making a double batch.  If all goes well I'll post pics on tomorrows blog.

Eat well!
foodie mama :)_

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