Tuesday, 8 January 2013

31 Day Paleo Challenge - Day 7 & 8

Day 7
Brekkie:  Grapefruit and black coffee
Lunch:  2 apples and 2 tbps of almond butter, handfull of baby carrots
Snack:  Green tea
Supper:  Paleo Joe

Day 8
Brekkie:  Grapefruit and black coffee
Lunch:  2 apples 2 tbsp of almond butter (what can I say....I was too lazy to make myself lunch again!)
Snack:  3 paleo chocolate maple cookies, 1 banana (ya...binge...)
Supper:  Asian baked chicken, spinach salad with avocado and lemon apple thyme dressing

Well, day 6 I said I was going to make something for supper that I didnt actually make.  Instead I made a 'Peanut' Sesame Stirfry.  It was so yummy and the hubs even commented that he felt 'full' afterwards.  Thats been his one complaint about the Paleo plan.  He works in construction and is constantly moving all day long and sometimes the Paleo plan meals arent what he's used to to keep him 'full'.  I used a precut bag of stir fry veggies with a few extra carrots, celery stalks and broccoli florets thrown in.  There was so much that the hubs had enough to take for lunch the next day!

We've been on this transformation for a week now and although the noticeable changes are minimal, they are still apparent.  I'm sleeping better, my skin is clearer and I have more energy.  On my way home today I was thinking 'how would my body react if I had a slice of pizza right now?'.  There probably wouldn't be a huge nasty reaction as of now, and maybe it was just a cheese craving talking, but it didn't really appeal to me to find out!  LOL!

Now off to try my hand at making these bad boys!  Can't wait to see how they turn out!

Foodie Mama

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